Why choose the right electrician for the job?

Though we love our DIY, most of us are sensible enough to not attempt electrical work ourselves. As such, skilled electricians have plenty of work going for them. Unfortunately, this market also attracts unskilled and unscrupulous electricians who don’t have the necessary abilities or qualifications.

It’s very important to make sure that you choose an electrician with a proven track record and someone who won’t leave you in a precarious situation. When you’re having electrical work completed, it’s likely to be taking place as part of a larger project which will often be carried out by a builder. If this is the case, your builder may have a preferred electrician who they contact to assist them in such projects. It’s fine to go along with their recommendation, so long as you can make sure that they are a government-approved body.

If someone claims to be affiliated with a government body, it’s a good idea to contact these organisations to double check and give you peace of mind. To become a member of these associations, contractors have to undergo stringent inspections regularly. They have to make sure that their work complies with British safety standards and they will give you a BS 7671 certificate to confirm this. If your electrician is registered with a government-approved body, they will sort any technical problems as quickly as possible for free.

How to choose an electrician

Ask the right questions 

Check that your electrician is qualified. Are they a member of a government approved scheme?

Working with a registered electrician will give you additional protection in the event of an issue. Contact the schemes to find out whether the electrician you choose is registered.

Ask to see paperwork

Don’t be embarrassed to ask to see qualifications. If they are unwilling to show you evidence of their registration, treat this as a warning sign.

Collect references

Ask your electrician to provide testimonies from previous customers. Ask the referees to explain what work they had completed and how happy they were with the result.

Acquire more than one quote

Collecting a few quotes gives you options to compare. The cheapest quote may not be the best value. Make sure you know that’s included and, importantly, what’s not included within the quote provided so that you may accommodate for additional costs where required.

Get to know everyone who’s working in your home

Whether you are choosing the contractors yourself or using trades recommended by your builder, make sure you check their credentials (registration & qualifications) for yourself. Don’t make a quick decision. If your chosen electrician makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, seek advice before signing contracts.

Choosing the right electrician for the job will give you peace of mind that your project will be completed to a high standard, in a timely manner and for a competitive price.