CCTV Installation

CCTV systems offer plenty of advantages, particularly when it comes to deterring crime. Popular with home and business owners alike, the technology is a deterrent which undoubtedly offers peace of mind and also invaluable evidence in the event of a crime being committed.

Keep business premises safe

It’s vital to keep business premises secure for customers, employees and visitors alike. CCTV is a security solution which is simple to execute. The technology ensures the smooth running of operations and protects businesses from theft and disruption.

Monitor intruders

Businesses rely on technological networks and equipment which facilitates their day-to-day operations. As the theft of any equipment would be a significant loss for any business, a high percentage of companies install CCTV systems because they allow businesses to keep an eye on unauthorised personnel and intruders. The presence of CCTV cameras also deters would-be criminals from indulging in illegal activity.

Save money

Cameras recording high-resolution images will help to identify criminals using motion control and negate the need to rely on security teams. A professional installer will be able to tailor a CCTV system to suit the needs of your business and help to keep your costs down.

Keep a complete record

Capturing footage of your business, interior and/or exterior, enables you to maintain complete records of activity. If a breach of security is made, you can revisit footage to see what went on and the video can also be used as evidence.

Monitor staff

A manager’s time is limited; CCTV can help managers keep an eye on their workforce and monitor staff activity. Having an eye on goings on will enable you to flag up any unwanted behaviour and deal with it accordingly.

Reduce insurance premium

If an employee or visitor suffers an accident, you don’t have to rely on contradictory witness accounts. Instead, you will have clear footage of what happened and who was around during the incident. The recordings will help you to clear up any issues both quickly and effectively.

Keep businesses profitable

The presence of CCTV ensures a safe working environment for staff and keeps employees, clients and vendors focused. The knowledge that you are being watched is an effective deterrent against theft and members of staff are obliged to conduct themselves properly, remaining focused and productive.

CCTV at Home

Just like businesses, homeowners are feeling the need to be able to monitor their properties using CCTV systems. With the ability to record the goings on around your property, you can closely monitor any activity and take the next steps where needed with evidence to hand.

Take precautions

CCTV systems improve the safety and security of a property. Streaming the footage remotely to a screen in the house enables you to identify what’s happening outside. If you’re on the move, some CCTV systems will allow you to monitor activity on your smartphone or tablet using an app.

Capture quality footage

The footage of suspects caught using CCTV cameras offers unquestionable evidence in the event of a crime taking place.

Deter intruders

A visible CCTV system can deter potential criminal activity within the area of your home which is covered by cameras. By discouraging intruders, you can keep your home safe. Sometimes, just the presence of a camera and alarm system is enough to persuade an intruder to move on.

Protect family

A carefully planned and installed CCTV system can offer families an invaluable sense of security and peace of mind. Being able to watch over your children, pets, and property makes your low-cost investment worthwhile.

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