Home Improvements

SJD Electrical Undertake Home Improvements in Lichfield, Derby & Burton Upon Trent

Savvy homeowners understand how important it is to make sure their homes are kept in excellent condition. Whilst cleaning and tidying goes a long way in maintaining a comfortable home, there are other ways in which you can make sure that your home leads the way for others to follow.


Imagine the relief you would feel knowing that your home is monitored 24/7 by CCTV and the latest security system. Being able to leave your home in confidence takes a great weight off your mind. If undesirables are making themselves known in your area, just the presence of a current and fully aware security system will usually be enough to deter them.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting serves to make sure that your garden is a pleasant space in which to relax with family and friends. On the other hand, security lighting is great for ensuring that your property is properly illuminated, which also helps to make sure that your home doesn’t become an easy target.

Power saving

If taking care of the environment or the pennies is important to you, SJD Electrical can assist you by installing LED lighting systems in your home or business. Not only is LED lighting more economical, it also beats the competition hands down by using less power and lasting far longer than traditional lighting.

Money saving

If you are trying to reduce your energy bills or prepare your house to go up for sale, there are many things you can do to entice interest and boost the value of your property. For example, why not think about replacing the central heating system for an eco-friendly alternative? The prospect of low bills will certainly be tempting to a potential buyer. Underfloor heating could also be a game changer, who doesn’t want a kitchen floor which is warm underfoot or to do away with unsightly and inefficient radiators?

Home Improvements by SJD Electrical Contractors Ltd

When it comes to carrying out home improvements, many people will choose to undertake the work themselves in order to save some money. However, at the end of the project, it likely took far longer than intended to achieve results which could have been far better.

The expertise of the team behind SJD Electrical extends beyond electrical installations. In fact, with our knowledge of all aspects of home improvement, we can take your project from start to finish. We can offer professional advice and reliable service which is tailored to you. If you are local to Derby, Lichfield or Burton Upon Trent and would like to discuss a home improvement project with a member of the team at SJD Electrical, get in touch today.