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More of the devices we use at home are able to connect to the internet, which is why people looking for speakers will find themselves having to make the choice between a wireless and wired home audio system. Wireless speakers are regarded as the stylish, sleek and convenient alternative to a wired system which is still considered to offer better quality sound.


Let’s take a look at the pros of wireless home audio systems:

Convenience and Style

Owners of a wireless system can move speakers around the house to their preferred location without any hassle or cables and cords getting in the way. As with most modern technology, a lot of attention is paid to the aesthetics of a product. A wireless system is designed to blend into the background whilst offering an immersive experience.

No hassle

There are no two ways about it, wireless systems are less invasive. The lack of wiring makes a wireless system easier to install because there’s no need to crawl on your hands and knees to poke holes in walls. The lack of wiring reduces the trip hazard associated with wired audio systems and, if you have pets, they will be less likely to be able to trouble the wires. Wires are still required to some extent for a few systems.


A wireless system’s ability to connect with existing technology, including Android devices, Apple devices and Bluetooth, makes speakers operate via a radio or infrared transmission which negates the need to run a length of wire from the amplifier to every satellite speaker. This means you can also avoid having to disguise unsightly cables.


New wireless technology utilises infrared transmission which sends a signal from the transmitter to the individual speakers. There is no loss of sound quality with a good quality and professionally installed wireless system.

And now the recognised cons of wireless home audio systems.


The cost of a high performance wired audio system is quite high, so high in fact that it is often out of the price range of many consumers.


Older wireless systems still require some wires in order to connect the various components of the central unit. Some speakers will receive their transmission wirelessly but still require an AC power supply. Less expensive models utilise technology which can interfere with other signals in the property, such as cordless phones, Wi-Fi equipment, and microwaves. Interference has an adverse effect on the quality of the sound through wireless speakers. These systems are also easily hacked as their security is not up to current standards. If your wireless system is older than your portable device, you may also experience compatibility issues.


Now, let’s take a look at the pros of wired home audio systems:


A wired home audio system delivers dependable and consistently high-quality sound which is not impacted by external factors. The interference which mars the sound quality of wireless systems is not a problem.


Wired systems pose a much lower security risk – all you need is a good Ethernet network to make sure that your system doesn’t suffer from interference or range problems.

By connecting your wired system to your power supply, you never have to be affected by Wi-Fi outage or mess around with batteries. You will always have uninterrupted access to all your favourite songs.

Now, what about the cons?


To make sure that you can benefit from the best quality of sound, it is recommended that you have your wired home audio system installed by a professional during a home renovation. They will do their best to ensure that the sound is as wide-ranging as possible but, as speakers require a connection to an amplifier, you will be limited as to where your speakers can be placed.


There’s no denying that wired audio systems require cabling to be laid which, depending on its placement, can be displeasing to the eye. That said, a professional will always ensure that the visibility of cabling is kept to a minimum, you won’t be left with a maze of cables across the floor.

When it comes to making a decision, your outcome will ultimately be down to your personal preference and budget. The price and functionality of wireless speakers may convince you to stick with wired, though wireless system will enable you to expand your network without the hassle of cables.

Meet SJD Electrical

We are experienced installers of professional audio systems who can undertake both single and multi-room installations alongside ceiling speaker installation. If you want to be able to enjoy your music throughout the house or improve the quality of your home cinema audio, our services are tailored to meet your individual needs and we are able to offer you expert advice.

Keep your home audio system within budget by discussing your requirements with our highly trained installers who will ensure that your system is installed safely and correctly. Any cabling will be carefully concealed to maintain a minimalist look and feel.

We regularly install Systemline S7 multi-room sound systems and Systemline E100 single room systems as well as wired and wireless Sonos systems. All systems installed by SJD Electrical Contractors can be controlled by smartphones or integrated wall units, allowing you to access your favourite radio stations, songs and playlists.

If you’re about to renovate your property and would like to take this opportunity to give your home the wow factor with a professionally installed home audio system, get in touch with SJD Electrical today.