LED Lighting

If you have been looking for ways to save money on your energy bills, you may have heard that LED lighting is the leading power-saving illumination option. LEDs are the most energy-efficient, eco-friendly type of lighting which offers a multitude of benefits.

Long life

The most notable benefit of LED lighting is that they have a long operational life expectancy, even as long as 100,000 hours. LED lights don’t burn out or break like your standard light bulb. They simply use less power and become less bright over a longer period of time.

Energy efficient

LED lighting is between 80% -90% efficient when compared to traditional light bulbs. 80% of the energy is converted into light and only 20% or less is converted into heat or other forms of energy. More of the energy used by traditional bulbs is converted into heat rather than light, in fact, up to 80% of the electricity used by light bulbs is lost as heat.

Long operational lifespans of LED light bulbs enable users to benefit from increased energy efficiency and also cut down the maintenance and replacement costs. Imagine being able to reduce your energy consumption by 30% and not having to change a single light bulb for 100,000 hours; with this in mind, can you afford not to switch?


LED lights do not contain the chemicals and materials, such as mercury, that conventional light bulbs do. As such, they are free of toxic chemicals and are entirely recyclable. Installing LED lighting will, in fact, reduce your carbon footprint by 30%.


LED lights are built using sturdy components which are highly durable and capable of withstanding very rough conditions. Their resistance to shock, vibrations, and impact makes them perfect for outdoor lighting systems which are exposed to inclement wind and weather.

Low emissions

Only very little infrared light and UV emissions are produced by LED lighting. As such, LED lighting is ideal for illuminating goods and materials which are heat or light sensitive


LEDs can be placed in any shape to create a beautiful illuminated piece. They can also be controlled individually, giving you full control of light, its distribution and also the colour. LED systems can produce amazing effects which please the eye, influencing your mind and mood.

Operational in extreme environments

The ability to operate in very hot or cold climates makes LED lighting the preferred choice over traditional lighting which can be adversely affected by extreme temperatures.

Immediacy and frequency

LED lights brighten instantaneously when turned on, making them perfect for infrastructure, which can mean use as signal and traffic lights.

Switching LED lights on and off does not affect the lifetime of the fitting or the amount of light produced. Traditional bulbs can take a while to brighten and their life expectancy can be drastically reduced by frequent use.

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